The actual decomposition is seperated into five different stages Fresh, Bloat, Active decay, Advanced decay,and Dry remains.

Fresh- this is the part of decomposition that happens almost instanly after death, when the human body starts loosing heat. First the body goes through the already explained processes of the multiple mortisis's. afterwards it goes through a process called Autolysis. Autolysis, or Self-digestion, is the destruction of a cell due to the actions of its own
enzymes. Autolysis is started when the cells lysosomes (basically the cell's clean up crew) realese the digestive enzymes they contain into the cytoplasm(Goo that holds the whole cell together) of the cell. As a result of this the cell literaly starts digesting itself

Bloat or putrefaction- this stage of death is marked by the production of vapors. The body’s cells are rupturing and breaking apart, the tissue is being broken down by bacteria. The intestines push out and are subjected to distension (an enlargement or ballooning process that happens inside). it is marked by a greenish color in the skin because of the sulfhaemoglobin forming in the blood(this is a bit more complicated that can easily be put into laymans terms, for a really complicated explination click here). The skin often breaks apart and the insides purge out. Insect activity begins.

Active decay- this part of decay is reconizeable by a great loss in mass(weight), this weight loss is caused by the ravinous feeding by maggots, and the leaking of the body's decomposition fluids into the the environment around it. The fluids start to create an island out of the body. Disintegration is easily disernable at this stage, and the end of this stage is marked by the dispercement of the maggots from the body.

Advanced Decay- this decay is marked by change in the soil surrounding the body that is, by now, leaking fluids. insect activity will start to lessen, and the surrounding plant life will start to die.

Dry/Remains- the final of the five stages of human decomposition, this is reconizable by a loss of everything on the body but dry skin and bone. this stage some right before skelitization.

Skeletonisation- this the final act of human decomposition in a temperate climate it can take two years, in a hot climate it can happen as fast as two weeks, and in a cold temperature it can take longer. all moisture in the body is lost, and the bones are exposed and easily visible.